Holliday in Georgia filming ‘The Clown’

Seems like Holly has dyed her hair for the filming of ‘The Clown’!! She walked in to a SPA session over Sakurami salon and they took a picture of her:


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Anthony Lucero’s The Clown now filming in Tbilisi

The first feature film by Director/Actor Anthony Lucero, The Clown is currently being shot in Tbilisi, Georgia. Production began on August 8th and will run until March 6th 2017, spending a total of close to GEL2 million in the country and taking advantage of its newly established cash rebate.
Lily Collins (Love, Rosie, Rules Don’t Apply) is the latest addition to the cast alongside Pål Sverre Hagen, Holliday Grainger and János Derzsi amongst others.


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New project: The Clown

Holliday as been added to a new project as Emm on the a new movie ‘The Clown‘ will feature Lily Collins, Harry Treadaway and many more!

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Press Archive

Hi everyone!! We are currently adding Holliday interviews to our posts and, step by step, adding them to our press archive!! Take a look at what we have on it or follow the link here.

RADIO TIMES 22-FEV-2016 has moved from Manchester to Hollywood… and now she’s an A-lister in the making
ASOS 18-FEV-2016 Talks romance, romcoms and Chris Pine
ES MAGAZINE 03-Sep-2015 My London: Lady Chatterley’s Lover star Holliday Grainger

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2.0 Gallery Theme

Hey everyone!! Enjoy our new gallery theme by Margos! Click on the image to see it 🙂


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Magazine Scans over the gallery

Finally had time to add the magazine scans ! Enjoy 🙂

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2.0 Main Theme

Hi everyone!!

This site definitely needed a fresh look, so my friend Margos stepped in!! Our gallery should have a new theme uploaded soon too 🙂

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New owner

Hi everyone! My name is Ana, you may know me from previously own www.hollidaygraingerfan.com. I currently own fansites for Juno Temple, Clemence Poesy, Vanessa Kirby, Gia Mantegna and Ana de Armas. Will now be joining as the owner of this Holliday Grainger fansite once again! Be welcome to see the gallery with over 1.000 new pictures added 🙂

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