Press Archive

Welcome to Holliday Grainger’s Press Archive, here you can find a collection, by date, of Holliday’s interview available online:

RADIO TIMES 22-FEV-2016 Has moved from Manchester to Hollywood… and now she’s an A-lister in the making
ASOS 18-FEV-2016 Talks romance, romcoms and Chris Pine
LEGION OF LEYA 29-JAN-2016 The Finest Hours: Interview with Holliday Grainger
GEEK OF DOOM 28-JAN-2016 ‘The Finest Hours’ Interview: Holliday Grainger Talks Cold Shoots, Playing Real-Life Person, More
MY BIG FAT CUBAN FAMILY 27-JAN-2016 The Finest Hours Press Day
26-JAN-2016 Holliday Grainger Shores Up Waiting Fiancee Role in ‘Finest Hours’
METRO US 25-JAN-2016 Holliday Grainger isn’t sick of doing period yet
BELFAST TELEGRAPH 12-DEC-2015 Holliday Grainger stunned by Twitter imposter
EXPRESS 04-SEP-2015 My London: Lady Chatterley’s Lover star Holliday Grainger
ES MAGAZINE 03-SEP-2015 Holliday Grainger says Lady Chatterley’s Lover isn’t quite Fifty Shades Of Grey
NY TIMES 08-DEC-2013 Picking Up a Gun and an Accent
HUNGER MAGAZINE 10-AUG-2013 The Interview: Holliday Grainger
THE SUNDAY MORNING HERALD 07-MAR-2013 Monstrous Expectations
RED EYE CHICAGO 29-APR-2012 Holliday Grainger cheers Lucrezia’s rise to power in ‘The Borgias’
1883 MAGAZINE 30-JAN-2012 Holliday Grainger is featured in issue four of 1883 magazine
INTERVIEW MAGAZINE 02-OCT-2011 Interview Magazine: The Borgias
THE BELFAST TELEGRAPH 24-AUG-2011 Holliday’s violent Borgias scenes
TV GUIDE 09-AUG-2011 Holliday Grainger The Borgias
DIGITAL SKY 08-AUG-2011 ‘The Borgias’ Holliday Grainger interview: ‘There’s violence, love and sex’
COLLIDER 30-JAN-2011 Holliday Grainger Interview THE BORGIAS; Updates on BEL AMI and JANE EYRE

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