Hiring escorts is becoming more and more common, especially among wealthy men. Escort service entails hiring a lady to give you company in whichever way you desire. Escorts are not only beautiful girls, but they are also brilliant. They also know how to present themselves on an important event such as a business meeting and even red carpet events. Among the many benefits that come when you hire an escort, the bottom line is that are no commitments. This means that you get to have a good time together, and once you are done, you get to go your way without worrying about her ever again. However, before an escort meets you, there are few questions that she is likely to ask. Below, we are going to discuss common questions that an escort will ask you before meeting you.

What do you like about me?

The reason why the escort will ask you this question is simple; she wants to know why she is unique to you. She wants to know why you choose her over others. Remember that the escort will give you company for a certain period as agreed. As such, she wants to know her strengths so that she can take full advantage of it to provide you with a fantastic experience.

Tell me about yourself?

The escort will only give you services that you are looking for is she know more about you. When she asks you this question, she does not want you to tell her about your family or your secrets; she only wants to know things that you like. For instance, she wants to know your hobbies, your likes, your dislikes and so on. This will help her know things to avoid and well as things to focus on when she finally meets you.

Are there special favors you want from me?

Escorts are very professional and always want to make their clients happy. This question is crucial because it helps her know the extra things that you would like her to do for you. For instance, your special favor might be to request her to accompany you to a scary adventure deep in the forest. It is essential to be sincere with her when she asks you this question. If she finds it challenging to comply with your request, she will tell you straight to your face. She will also let you know if she is okay. Escorts don’t like unnecessary surprises from their clients, and that is why they prefer clients to put everything on the table before they meet.

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