Robot & Scarecrow now available through NOWNESS

NOWNESS released the full short filme ‘Robot & Scarecrow‘! It was filmed in 2014 on the Secret Garden Party Festival.
You can also join VERO social media on your phone for more access, I did joined and the quality of the movie via social media is much better!!

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“Robot and the Scarecrow” gets first trailer!

The first trailer from “Robot and the Scarecrow” is now out!! See it over youtube and our gallery for screencaps:

 Robot & Scarecrow has been made with the support of Vero – the social network that is nurturing the next generation of artists, filmmakers and musicians and providing them with new possibilities for people to connect with their work online. Follow director Kibwe Tavares on Vero.

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Robot & Scarecrow (2017) > Posters

Holly has been added to the cast of her new short filme ‘Robot and Scarecrow‘ which features Jack O’connel that already worked with Holly on the short movie ‘Home‘! Cannot wait to see the result:

A love story between a robot and a scarecrow who meet and fall for each other at a summer music festival.

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Movie Productions > Robot & Scarecrow (2017) > Posters

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