Holliday’s violent Borgias scenes

The Borgias actress Holliday Grainger has revealed that making friends with co-star Ronan Vibert made it easier to film their violent scenes.

Holliday Grainger plays Lucrezia Borgia in The Borgias

Lucrezia is the victim of rape by her husband, and Holliday said filming these scenes was strange.

She said: “It’s slightly surreal, but I didn’t find it traumatising at all. You put yourself in that mindset when they say, ‘Action’, but as soon as they say, ‘Cut’, there’s a boom mike stuck in your face.

“Yeah, there’s a random guy in between your legs, but he’s a guy that you’ve just been out for dinner with the night before, so you’re just chatting and making jokes.”

She also got to ride a horse for the big army scenes.

She said: “I was on horseback for a week. It sounds bad, but it was such good fun. David [Oakes] and I kept trotting off on our horses in between takes. They were like, ‘No, come back’ and we were like, ‘Sorry, but we’re in a big field on a horse, let us play!”

:: The Borgias starts on Sky Atlantic on Saturday, August 13.


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